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Sarah Golding


MADVENT, MADIVA Podcast AND Teddy Story....AND COMING SOMETIME IN OUR FUTURE....Our Dystopian Futures Audio Drama Season - MADCAP - Modern Audio Drama Curated Anthology Podcast


Ever wanted to voice act for audio drama? Awesome! Best job in the world!

Well here's a guide as to things to do, think about and how to go about letting folks know you're a safe bet, vocal chameleon or a dependable quirky little firecracker that they will NEED on their show.

Find your voice.

Find your brand.

Get up and get out there and show them what you've got!

Want to improve and hone your understanding of the craft? Want people to see your name and go 'cool, they're in it, I'm definitely giving it a listen?' Then give this show a go.

The Seasons work through the basic how-to's of what to be proactive about, as well as focusing in on audition techniques, warm ups, demo reel creation, remote recording, CRM's, studio recording and more. Much...much more....and probably explored in different accents....maybe...just for funnnn.

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Sarah is a voice actor in over 70 indie audio drama podcasts - here's a few worth a listen! Edict Zero FIS, (Marian Ep405) Amelia Project (Lily S1 Ep 11) Ancestry (Alia) Wynabego Warrior (Lizzie. Most eps!) We Fix Space Junk (Lingen S2 EP7) A Scottish Podcast (Drunk Helen) Hostile Worlds (Sarah) Subject Found Season 1 (Nancy) Season 2 (Pam) You are Here (Cora) Orphans (Minister Orsham) 1994 POD (Starla) Tunnels Podcast (Karen) Attention Hellmart Shoppers (Melinda Ashe) Redwing (Detective) Minefire (Marian), LIMBO (Nonna)...

Sarah has been a teacher, community theatre director and writes as much as possible. She was pod host for The Audio Drama Production Podcast for 18 months of joyyyyy

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Join Lucas and Maisie in wonderful adventures with their Teddies. Journey through portals and magnificent twisting turning and loop the loop slides to far flung places with chocolate houses and dragons and clumsy unicorns and forgetful marshmallow cloud men and Mermaids who are afraid of the water....such fun! Stories narrated by Sarah Golding and with the occasional guest stars....fun times ahead! “Wait for meeee Tedddyyyy!”

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