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WORLD AUDIO DRAMA DAY - BOGIES AND GHOULIES - Season Three - The Ghost Who Lost Their Scare By Sarah Golding - PART ONE (8+)

October 30, 2021 Sarah Golding / Fiona Thraille / Karim Kronfli / Méabh De Brun / St Clement Danes School Students Season 3 Episode 2
Quirky Voices Presents
WORLD AUDIO DRAMA DAY - BOGIES AND GHOULIES - Season Three - The Ghost Who Lost Their Scare By Sarah Golding - PART ONE (8+)
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Show Notes


To enjoy

This kids gentle comedy horror story - THE GHOST WHO LOST THER SCARE???

Join the Screamdents at the Great British Scare Sghoul on an original adventure by Sarah Golding (28% scary) AND NARRATED BY Fiona Thraille (30% scary😎)  with BOO! The scariest ghost in the sghoul(98% scary)  - summoned to the Giant Head Teacher's (Karim Kronfli )(48% scary)  office (in total darkness, no...candles...allowed) After being talked to by the coolest meanest Head Ghoul (Meabh De Brun) (33% scary) and her demons, Red, and Blue, Boo whizzes on their way to ....possibly try to scare the Head Teacher. On the way, Boo's darker, naughtier conscience - Blue Boo - speaks, and....they fall out, and the Blue Boo  leaves...to cause chaos in another part of the sghoul.

There's a dark dark blue bluer than blue itself (SCREAM) vortex that has started to swallow up the school - and all of year 5, the prefects and...everyone - and Boo knows who exactly is to blame.

Can Boo work with all their other inner thoughts  - Happy, Energetic, Tired, Silly and Loving to save the school, and ..themselves? Listen and...FIND OUT!

Thanks to Fiona, Karim and Meabh for jumping on to play such wonderful fun characters, and to the students - screamdents? of St Clement Danes School for doing some of the walla and crowd scenes. Such fffunnnnn!

Find links to all the folks below and feel free to help me make more of this kind of fun by contributing to the Quirky Voices ko-fi here or....feel free to become a valued Patreon, They get shows first and new scripts and sometimes even a song and....mmmmore!

Thanks to THE FABULOUS John Bartmann for sharing one of his glorious musical creations - check out his wares and utlislise his music for your audio drama by visiting his website here. Listen to his HOW I MAKE MUSIC podcast, or become a Patreon to support his awesome do!

WE WOULD LOVE to have your artwork inspired by any of the characters - the giant and their office, the head ghoul and her demons, the narrator  - all of the Boo's!! The first years fainting, Blue Boo in the - you know what its called -  (scream) vortex attaching folks to the far away growing glowing blue walls of doom, the school custard evaporating, the suitcase opening - oh wait - thats in part two!!

Feel free to send us any - or even your own thoughts or scripts  on what happened next or before or inbetween (What DID the head teacher chat to the Head Ghoul about in the corridor existing outside of time and space that was a plot hole that was never explained?) Anything you send may well be displayed on the Quirky Voices Website.


Happy listening!
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