Quirky Voices Presents

QUIRKY VOICES VA SHOWCASE - Jeff Taylor - ARE YOU AWAKE? - Gentle horror vampire - 12+

October 18, 2021 Sarah Golding / Jeff Taylor
Quirky Voices Presents
QUIRKY VOICES VA SHOWCASE - Jeff Taylor - ARE YOU AWAKE? - Gentle horror vampire - 12+
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I have some exciting new content to share with you! Yes! Today we introduce you to...



Here launcheth the first of 8 groovy pieces as a showcase vehicle for some of my brilliant last cohort of voice actors from the latest Quirky Voices Voice Acting Course of Audio Joy!

Today I release 6 of these wonderous students out into the world to be cast in allll of the things! Every one of them has been a pleasure to work with, and would be very much at home in any genre of audio drama!

This piece features the fantastic talents of Jeff Taylor  - enjoy the gently intense, emotional  tones of a versatile VA here as Dad, a man who has to leave his son to save him...from himself.

DAD - Jeff Taylor
SON - Kayla Rivera

Please be warned this gentle audio horror has bat sounds, and a father torn between the love of his son and the desires and pressures of his new found form.

Please find links to finding and contacting Jeff below, and....employ him doo!

Massive thanks also to John Bartmann for his wonderful music for all of these pieces - you can find his works here, and also become a Patreon for his works here, And here is a link to his fabulous podcast with interviews with other amazing musicians working in audio drama - How I Make Music!

All sounds were either made by Sarah, from her growing libraries or found from freesound.org on Creative Commons 0 licenses.


I wrote these pieces bespoke for the students to showcase their wares. I truly hope you enjoy dipping in, and, feel free to tweet out your fave performances or let me know on @quirkyvoices or email me on quirkyvoices@gmail.com. I would LOVE to hear from you - and if you feel so inclined - leave a review for these Groovy AF students!

I would love your support to help make more of these groovy workshops - and Quirky Voices VA courses. If you are an audio creative and would like to sponsor a space on a future course for a budding VA of colour, or from a marginalised community, please email and let me know - and thank you! I also try to help by varying the price structure for certain students depending on circumstance, and also offer a sponsored Quirky place FOR FREEEE!

New courses start in NOVEMBER! Keep an eye on QUIRKYVOICES@WEEBLY.COM for more information!


Casting directors, take note of the talent coming out of these shows doooo!



Website: jeffreyedwardtaylor.com

Twitter: @J_EdwardTaylor

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Ping Sarah on @QUIRKYVOICES or send a message to quirkyvoices@gmail.com

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Are you awake?
© Sarah Golding 2021


Dad - Jeff Taylor
Son - Kayla Rivera




(Quiet. Wanting) Dylan. Dylan my boy…..are you awake?  WHISPER 

. SFX door creaks shut

Shhhhh door. Shhh. Oh Dylan. My new form means I am forbidden to awaken you. What a shame my boy. I. I am a changed man, son. Something happened today and….and….it changes….everything. Everything. Oh how sad I am. My fingernails are tinged with purple. My teeth…my teeth are…are changing my son. My boy. And it means…it means I have to go away. I have to. For fear…..for fear I may….

Your mother will look after you, she has been given instructions. It is best this way. For. If I stay my boy. If I stay….you will probably die. If not by my fang, then….by another in jealousy of my new….position. Apparently I am a member of THE FAMILY now. The family. Oh my. But I want to stay with this one. And yet. It is not….not possible. 

Mother is packing. She will not tell me where you will go or who you will stay with. You both will start a new life away from my …my newfound talent for scenting people out. This is….for the best, my boy. For the best. Or it all could end…tonight. We have agreed she will lock me in the cellar you see, to make sure of your escape…. just before sunrise, so that the rays of the sun block my passage from the door and I cannot follow you, no matter how much I want to until sundown.

I. I just wanted to tell you my boy…how….how very proud I am of you. I know my words are echoing in your dreams. I know. In a way. You can hear. You can….understand. And though you may be angry with me. Feel I m abandoning you. I am not. I wish it not. Want it not and yet, here we are. You see my boy, I could do nothing to stop it happening. He just…knocked on the window. And…asked to come in. And. I out of sheer curiosity and his overwhelming politeness….I ….I let him in…and….well, and here we are….I am…..and…..Well. Son. I am..renewed. Immortal. I am turned. I am one of their family now. And I must live in the darkness as you seek light, and alone, and…and I must love and live alone as you seek community. 

I wish I could watch you still grow. See the man you become. I wish I…..I….

Perhaps we shall meet one day. Perhaps. But I shall no longer know you, and you no longer know me. And we may fight. Struggle. And I may strive to make you like me, now…to keep the bloodline going. But not now. Not now, tempting as it is my boy. No you must live first, truly, live….age….and I …I must sacrifice this time with you. I feel the urge to convert you pulses strong in this dying heart. I am battling within…..ohh…how…I…battle the urge to ..bite……Part of my condition. Like an animal who kills the runt. Ohhhh my boy….I don’t have long….I feel the new me careering through my veins. The one you knew as father is leaving to be replaced by….I don’t know what. Or who. But I hope there will always be a recognisable part of me in here…. truly. Arghhhh but The urge to hunt is growing. The urge to…..to bite is…no. No no no no NO!

Oh my boy! You awaken! How sweet  and vulnerable you look…and yet….oh…yes, it is me….daddy….do not be afraid. Yes, yes I am ….flying….this is but a dream, son. Though it is taking all of my energy not to swoop down and……oh! I must away!

Mother! Mother to the cellar, quickly!

I fear I am not strong enough to keep our fear son from harm. 

Yes my boy. These are fangs. Yes. Yes. I ….I am a vampire now. No, no that is not cool. Well. It is…in a way…but in others… not. No. I cannot go to the beach with you in the morning. No. No. We cannot fish together. Or sing. Or play, no….no I won’t be able to help you finish the Lego castle. No son. This is. This is. Goodb-Oh. I am overcome. This is goodbye my boy. Until …we meet again. No! Get back into bed! Do not come near….do not try to hug me child. No! Off my feet! Off I say! Oh. In the moonlight….Your neck is….pulsing…..no. NO SON. back to bed! Back I say! 

Good boy. There’s a good boy. Yes. Cuddle teddy. Yes. Pull up the covers. Keep warm.

Sorry for shouting. I didn’t mean to…..to….

(Sound of pain)

Oh. I am nearing full change. I….

I wish you a good long life my boy. I must go. 

But…Just one more glance…one last look at your eyes. Your face…the family nose! Your charming smile. Oh….freckles in the moonlight. The beams ON your blond blond hair. 

(A stab of pain again) 

Be good for mummy my boy. Back to sleep now. Back to sleep. Good boy. This was but a dream. Yes. Adieu. Live well. Live….well…my…son….


. SFX flying away, door slams.