Quirky Voices Presents

Dashingly Quirky Live 2021 - Bright Sides - After Show Chattarama!

October 14, 2021 Sarah Golding/ Fiona Thraille / Ele Matelan / Nathan Blades / Karim Kronfli / Angelique Lazarus / Tanja Milojevic / Paul Spencer / Evan Tess / Katie Seaton / Tom Rory Parsons / Scrapnic
Quirky Voices Presents
Dashingly Quirky Live 2021 - Bright Sides - After Show Chattarama!
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Hello All

So huzzahs! Here we have the aftershow chat! Yes! The whole cast and crew chilled on zoom to put the world to rights, share more insight into audio drama creation, and life as a voice actor and audio drama writer, foley artist and composer....and more!

Hearty thanks to all who supported the fundraiser. If you too would like to contribute to support more new writing events like this one, feel free to contribute to the Quirky Voices KO-FI here, or of course 0 become a Quirky Patreon! If you do, you'll also receive my new podcast INDIE AF A whole MONTH before anyone else. WOOHOO - Yes that new pod is interviews with stellar Indie Audio Drama Creatives in a conception to production season, with clips showcasing awesome good practice and oodles of advice from folks like KC Wayland, Lauren Shippen, Shannon K Perry, Jon Grilz, Oliver Morris, David Beck, Tau Zaman, Tal Minear and Colin J Kelly, Faith McQuinn, AND OH SO MANY MOOORE!

Thank you to my current patreons, without whom I almost certainly would have stopped at MADIVA S1. SO HUZZAHS for supporters of all audio drama creatives. Everywhere.

Feel free to share this episode of this HUGELY IMPORTANT CHATTARAMA - it gives top tips on Casting, on writing for characters not in your own wheelhouse of experience, and the black perspective on casting practices and how we still need to be ....better.

Here's links to all involved in the show - follow them , cheer them on and feel free to contact them and tell them HOW AMAZING THEY ARE IN THIS NEW INDIE AUDIO FICTION! Thank youp


Fiona Thraille Twitter
Fiona Thraille Website
Ele Matelan Twitter
Karim Kronfli
Evan Tess
Tanja Milojevic
Angelique Lazarus
Paul Spencer
Nathan Blades
Katie Seaton
Tom Rory Parsons - who has also released the sound track for Locked Out here...

Also thanks to the brilliant SCRAPNIK for our FABULOUS ARTWORK! Find more of their works on Twitter...here.

We do hope this show has inspired you to just crack on and write, and make and enjoy creating new audio drama!

Thank you SO MUCH for listening


Sarah and Fiona xx

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LIVE PERFORMANCE of UNDERSTUDY - Mardi E. Anderson @marditilyoudrop
Foley chat to Ele Matelan
Chat to Karim Kronfli
Chat to Evan Tess
Katie Seaton - musician pops in...
Karim talks actor intention serving the script
Angelique talks actor processes...
Angelique muses on Accents and her roots and steretypes and expectations versus actuality
Nathan talks on code switching and more as a British Black VA with Baijan / Dominican parentage
How can we encourage more diverse writers and stories?
Angelique chats about algorithms and a need for change
Tanja offers sensitivity reading help and chats all things representation of disabled community folks and developing characters and emotional character depth
Sarah tries hard to describe how Tanja is THA QUEEN of extraneous sounds and making a character LIVE in audio
Fiona chats Pen Names and Getting the confidence to send scripts off
Angelique asks 'how open were you when you submitted your pieces to having them be changed or altered in any way'.
A chat to new of our glorious WALK-ON's - Bridget Guziewicz!