Quirky Voices Presents

ANYONE F’COFFEE? - Episode the Thirteenth - ECZEMA - ITCHYYY

July 25, 2020 Season 1 Episode 13
Quirky Voices Presents
ANYONE F’COFFEE? - Episode the Thirteenth - ECZEMA - ITCHYYY
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Hello YOU WONDEROUS people of my timeline...or of the future....hey!

How’s your world?

Today we delve into the lows of the life of an exzematic.....what it might well be like behind many a closed door, as folks cope with acute all over body pain and the reality of a true flare of the chronic skin condition known as eczema.

        I AM...ASTHMATIC...
                 I'M HYDRATOLOGICAL,
                           WHY I'M GREASED NIGHTLYYYYYY

In the audiofiction, Charlie can only function in bed. Oh c'mon, not like that. It’s a school day, a day she isn’t meant to work, and her neighbours have seen the kids to school, and her husband is away. Sods law of course. She talks from her bed about what it is like...those crippling days. She reflects on how eczema has shaped her, and her thoughts about herself....her relationships. And yes, aspects of this are autobiographical. And yes, I did want to share my angst about finding someone amazing and fun to show you can be loved, and to show that, no matter how low you go, there is hope to find that groovy someone, cos....if I can....you certainly can. And he - Paul - makes my everyday even more amazing. So.....the sage advice here is....just be you, and....go out and enjoy yourself. Life has its crazy surprises - go gettemmm....

The interview section is...er....slightly different for reasons that obvs I usually interview the guest. Hope what I’ve done works ok and isn’t too....ridiculous....and our wonderous expert is a Dermatology nurse, the fabulous Julia Wheeler.

I do want to point out that obviously, she is very much following the NICE guidelines in her recommendations, and that there are....a good number of other options of treatment available to us sufferers that we don’t go into as those are not her specialism. I would like to continue to explore the eczematic treatments of things in future podcasts, so, if you are an alternative therapist, or have tried something worth shouting about, do contact me on quirkyvoices@gmail.com.

As usual, all links mentioned are on the Quirky Voices website (click here) for alllll the conditions explored in this season,

Thanks so much to my wondrous cast - today you only really heard from the fantabulous Fiona Thraille as Jill, who also executive produces this podcast. You can also find her own audio fiction awesome on the Dashing Onions Website here.

Still gotta thank Diane Alexander, Lara Parker, Lucy Shirley, and Kirstin Stansfield for their general awesome, and do hope you check out their episodes on PTSD, Anxiety and Depression, Post Natal Depression and Endometriosis......they’re all super heroes x

Thanks to Matt Hutt and Zak Lemon for the grooviest of music.

Thanks to my parents and fam for supporting me through my life’s crazy, and to my man and my kids who just lift me, make me laugh, make me proud, help me through my bad times and make my life so much more.

Hope your day is a good one....and if you are having a crazy flare up right now, by reading this sentence, I am sending you vibes of good health and happiness and healing.
Drink water. Go moisturise and....look after yourself yeah?

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Charlie Interviews Sarah
Julia Wheeler - How and where to find help and info on eczema