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July 04, 2020 Sarah Golding, Diane Alexander, Kylie Salholm Season 1 Episode 10
Quirky Voices Presents
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Hello all

I do hope this week has been a positive one in your world, and you’re getting some good support and cuddles where you need it...or at least air hugs at a distance...

We start our first focus on the impact of PTSD, Anxiety and Depression. Often experienced in self imposed isolation - before even all this mass imposed...isolation. We all can have low mood...right? Times when things are heavy and pressing or friendships or relationships Or finance or circumstance take a turn, and leaves us morose, feeling low and upset. Not wanting to do, to speak, to move.

This episode looks at what happens when a traumatic event is the cause, and how the aftermath of that might make folks feel and behave, and feel sometimes overwhelmed, but how talking, how therapy, self care and love and friendship can help you mend and continue to live more...positively.

 I must make clear that the traumatic event was a sexual assault, so please be aware of that before you listen if this will in any way affect you. Thank you.

Diane Alexander is the focus for interview in the next few eps - she plays Flo in the audio fiction and this week we find her struggling on her own, feeling more than low and getting flashbacks to a traumatic event. We hear her in therapy and finding life too much in crowded places.

 In her frank interview, Diane details how the PTSD, anxiety and  depression manifests, and what she has done to help herself live positively. I am sure you’ll agree her sharing this aspect of her life is brave and amazing, with the soul reason to encourage others to seek help and guidance if they have had a similar event...male or female, trans or non-binary  folks....please talk..please seek help because this world needs amazing folks like you in it.

I have put many links to websites and places with phone numbers and hotlines for UK and USA on my website - QuirkyVoices@weebly.com
Please ping me any other sites of use that i can happily add for folks to find. Thank you.

The wonderful Kylie Salholm is our medical professional who is a practicing Psychological Therapist, (BABCP Accredited CBT Therapist, IPT Therapist, RMN and works for an NHS Trust in secondary care =More than qualified to help us fathom in this episode where and how to find help and information.

Thanks to my wonderful cast :

Kirstin Stansfield as Freya
Lara Parker as Gabby
Lucy Shirley as Rachel
Fiona Thraille as the Therapist
I play Charlie
And the wonderful Diane Alexander as Flo

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