Quirky Voices Presents

ANYONE F'COFFEE? - Episode the Seventh - EPILEPSY - FIT

June 13, 2020 Sarah Golding / Lucy Shirley / Matthew Walker Season 1 Episode 7
Quirky Voices Presents
ANYONE F'COFFEE? - Episode the Seventh - EPILEPSY - FIT
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Hallo, welcome, and Thank you SO MUCH for joining us for the first of 3 eps on EPILEPSY focusing on the wonderous Lucy Shirley, who - if you've been listening along, plays the often hilarious Rachel in our Audio Fiction, and has in her real life been dealing with epilepsy since childhood.

I have to point out at this juncture BLACK LIVES MATTER & TRANS LIVES MATTER to us at Quirky Voices VERY MUCH...I work and play with folks from all of these wonderous communities and, well, I have really been overwhelmed by the sadness and tragedy concerning Civil and Trans rights, my workload and world events and that of things closer to home as well as my own health of late, and so we had an unexpected mini break - to hopefully also leave room for other voices as well as find our own - but we're ever so gently & calmly back & woah have we got some eps for you!...I would LOVE to hear from anyone in the Trans and or Black communities who want to share their experiences of these conditions with us too >quirkyvoices@gmail.com

Thanks also to our medical professional Matthew Walker whose list of job titles is longer than my body(!)  and works in many fields of public facing research and development in epilepsy. I appreciate very very much Matthew and Lucy's input into these next few episodes, and I'm sure you will too!

We mention both EPILEPSY ACTION AND EPILEPSY SOCIETY a lot! Please follow those links to research more for yourself! And all other links are on our show notes found on the Quirky Voices website here

In a few weeks time we speak to the lovely Hattie Hodgson-Crome from Epilepsy Action about their new Epilepsy Podcast, which has just started - catch that here! |U can call their hotline anytime on 0808-800-5050.

We're having a chilled out evening Anyone FCoffee live chat on zoom on  SUNDAY 14TH JUNE - we would LOVE you to join us! Click here to fill in this form to be sent a link a few minutes before 8pm on Sunday and join me and the cast and crew to chat about elements of this podcast or,..whatever you like!

This show was funded by the Wellcome Trust and Pulse award funding, so thank you so much to them for the opportunity to develop this show with this very much needed funding. Please can you help me out and fill in this survey to feedback what you think of the show, so that hopefully if enough people feedback, they consider doing this again! CLICK HERE to Please fill in this survey to be in with he chance to win a £50 amazon voucher and help more podcasts get funding from THE PULSE AWARDS!

Massive thanks to my cast Diane Alexander as Flo, Lara Parker as Gabby, Kirstin Stansfield as Freya, and of course the wonderful Lucy Shirley as  Rachel -& U can tune in next week 2 fathom what has happened 2 her....and if Charlie has stopped panic eating squashed chocolate brownies....

As ever huge gratitude 2 the amazing Fiona Thraille who has Executive Produced this show. Find her works of Dashing Onions Audio awesome here!

All sound effects that I did not create are from freesound.org & are listed in the Quirky website shownotes!

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