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May 16, 2020 Lara Parker Season 1 Episode 4
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Helloooo! Sarah Golding here. Hope you’re doing ok in this....current phase of our quirky lives..... Cos. It is a phase isn’t it? Just as the body is flooded with hormones to make life, support life, to give birth?
We'll get through this huh?
Like Gabby does. Like Lara has.

Our focus for the next few weeks is peri natal and post natal depression. The wonderful Lara Parker’s Gabby is the focus of our audiofiction, and finds out she is expecting again, and SHE IS NOT HAPPY AT ALL. We hear how her first pregnancy with Daisy nearly broke her, and just why she ‘doesn’t want’ to be pregnant with this baby. We hear the true life experience of Lara’s own post natal depression origins, and the wonderful Tracy Greenwood of the NHS Blackpool Teaching hospita’s NHS Foundation Trust gives a wealth of brilliant links and information, all of which can be found here on my Quirky website -  HERE is a link to the CAST BIOGS, allll references we make in the podcast ep, and to the sound effects I used in my original audio fiction PLUS full credits...on my Quirky Voices Website.

Thanks in many guises to the folks who helped fund this podcast Pulse Award at The British Podcast Awards and The Wellcome Trust. Please help me to give feedback on any impact this podcast has had by filling in this short survey - I would love at least 50 people to feedback if you have enjoyed this science based podcast and hopefully, with enough feedback, they'll happily fund some more! CLICK HERE to Please fill in this survey to be in with he chance to win a £50 amazon voucher and help more podcasts get funding from THE PULSE AWARDS!

If you are struggling right now with PND, in whatever form, or feeling lonely, out of sorts or just “not you’ and want to ‘get back to you’ as Gabby puts it, please utilise the links to the  people and resources on the website, please do talk to your partner and your pals who may well have gone through the thoughts and feelings you are too. Here's one of the links mentioned to give you some guidance in these crazy times...The Maternal Mental Health Alliance.

Feel free to contact quirkyvoices@gmail.com with any thoughts or comments on the show, or to contact Lara too!

Thanks so so much for listening.

Massive thanks to my cast Diane Alexander as FLO, Lucy Shirley as Rachel, Kirstin Stansfield as Freya (she didn’t appear in this one but...she’ll be back!) and of course the wonderful Lara Parker baring all as Gabby.

As ever huge gratitude to the amazing Fiona Thraille who has Executive Produced this show. Find her works of Audio awesome here!

Do join us next week to fathom what happened when Freya came to offer support not knowing what the issue was, and Flo surprises everyone!

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MAHOOSIVE thanks to my current PATREONS for sticking by me and supporting my work through these crazy times. I do love every one of you very much!

Have a great week, in as much as that’s possible right now

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Audio Fiction - Gabby's Pregnant
Lara Parker Interview on her experience of Peri/Post Natal Depression
Tracy Greenwood of Blackpool Teaching Hospital NHS Foundation trust gives advice on where and how to find help and info